About Me

I am always thinking about food. ALWAYS. Even after just eating a satisfying meal, I’m already thinking about what I’ll make next or where to go or even just looking at recipes online. I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen at home, but sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the dishes. So then I’ll go out to eat, my next favorite thing. I used to live in beautiful, sunny, and tropical Miami, FL, but I am now proud to call myself a New Yorker and Manhattan resident. I seriously love my hometown of Miami and I miss it often especially: the food, Cuban culture, the beach, lush palm trees, music, sketchy nightlife, the coffee, and even the distinctive Miami accent. New York City is my new home, and I am determined to make my abuela’s recipes in my studio apartment with an unforgiving tiny kitchen.

Miami-Beach-fpr-web ice cream yay

For the past few years I have worked as a greeter, server, bartender, Maitre’d, restaurant operations manager, and now as service director in fast-paced high-volume restaurants in Miami and New York City. My experience as a diner is partly ruined from analyzing everything. Analyzing. I am also always over-analyzing. Working in the hospitality industry also taught me a lot about beer, wine, and liquor. I love to travel the world and learn new things. Cooking is my hobby, photography is fun, and this blog is a little experiment in doing some things I love. Bon appétit and cheers!