Blue Collar Restaurant in Miami

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Blue Collar Restaurant in Miami is a small restaurant located on busy Biscayne Boulevard has been worth the drive from the gables. I have been to Blue Collar twice so far and the service definitely was faltering, unrefined, and slow, but I will come back in spite of this. Our greet and first round drinks took a pretty decent amount of time maybe 5+ minutes for the greet and 8-10 minutes for our drinks. aaaaaaaannnnnnd it took a while for a server to come by and take our order (shocker!).* In spite of this everything came out pretty quickly after the opportunity to order.

Blue Collar serves a large variety of side dishes, has rotating seasonal menus, great beer, and South Florida charm.The food here is actually great & the price point is solid. I got the double chicken breast with beets and brussel sprouts. I initially was disappointed with myself for ordering something so boring and blah off their lengthy menu, but the chicken was well-seasoned, perfectly grilled, and the portion was generous to boot. Their sprouts are seriously delish- nice and caramelized, with enough oil to remind me that vegetables at restaurants are never healthy. My boyfriend had the NY strip burger with fries. Last time we tried the vaca frita tostones, braised lamb necks, roasted artichoke hearts, and the bread pudding. I really did not enjoy their bread pudding. It was dense and sugary- nothing stand-out or remotely special. I’ll have to give their other desserts a try next time.

That being said- I can’t wait to come back here and try more menu items. Really though, so many things sounded amazing, but when you’re just two people its hard to try a variety of menu items. Ideally when writing a review you would go with more people, but alas, I am but a team of two! I would give this place 4 stars if their service could improve. In the current highly saturated restaurant market, poor service is considered inexcusable by the guest. Securing loyal customers should be the objective of businesses, but sometimes they don’t realize that their quality of service is also what they are selling as part of the product.

*I have been working in restaurants for the past 7 years. Unfortunately being a server in a high-volume expensive restaurant has ruined most of my dining out experiences. My knowledge of ‘spec’ American dining service has tarnished me as a diner! I must disclose I can be hyper-critical- BUT I often like to imagine myself as the business owner, and think about how I would react if I knew how my staff was performing. 

Blue Collar Miami

6730 Biscayne Blvd • Miami, FL • 33138 • (305) 756-0366