Elderflower Sangria

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Elderflower Sangria is the epitome of summer in a glass, and the best new twist on white wine sangria. The sweet and velvety St Germain cuts the bitter and sour sweetness of ruby red grapefruit and lime while complimenting the grassy and passionfruit notes of the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I adore elderflower anything, and St Germain is a go-to favorite for any champagne or gin cocktail. I chose to use a Brut Cava for the elderflower sangria. Extra-brut has the least amount of sugar, and brut the second least- if you’d prefer a sweeter cocktail choose extra-dry or sec, but keep in mind that the St Germain will be adding most of the sweetness to this summer libation.


Elderflower sangria is perfect for a summertime party, but since I live in Miami, with year-round summers, it is perfect any time of year! This sangria is seriously refreshing and delicious, but it does pack quite a punch. If you would rather go lighter on the bubbly, replace half the cava with San Pellegrino.


Elderflower Sangria

Frozen green grapes
1/2 bottle Sauvignon Blanc- preferably from New Zealand
1/2 bottle Cava (I chose Brut)
4 ounces St. Germain
Generous splash San Pellegrino
2 grapefruits; freshly squeezed (this step is worth it) about ¾ cup per batch
1 lime, peel cut-off, cut into thin slices
1 cup fresh cherries, pitted and cut- reserving some for garnish

Clean the grapes well in water rinsing them several times. Place the grapes in freezer overnight or for several hours (at least 4) until frozen. You can also freeze cherries, nectarine slices, lime wheels, etc, etc. Place the bottles to chill in the refrigerator at the same time. When everything is nice and cold you can freshly squeeze the grapefruit juice. Set the juice aside and cut the lime into a sort of ‘cube’ by cutting off the peel from each side. This prevents the sangria from becoming bitter with the lime peel. Cut the lime cube into thin squares(ish). This will add lime juice to the elderflower sangria while also bringing a beautiful pop of color to the light pink summer beverage. Remove the pits from the cherries and cut in half adding to the elderflower sangria. Keep some cherries whole for garnish!

Freshly-squezed lime-cubes

We are going to use the frozen green grapes in the elderflower sangria to keep it cold instead of using ice! Initially I began removing the grapes from the stems, but I thought it would be cool to clean them very well and keep them on the stems so it is easier for your guests to pull them out and enjoy the sangria soaked fruits. Place a section of stemmed grapes and 2 whole cherries in the glass for garnish and pour sangria in glass. Cheers!

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  1. This was a perfect 4th of July drink; sweet, refreshing, and delicious… but best of all, shared with wonderful family & friends! DELICIOUS!!!

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