Lagniappe in Miami: Jazz + Wine+ Cheese

                Selecting Wine and Beer at Lagniappe       lagniappe inside

Lagniappe is a refreshing new bar in midtown Miami with nightly live music and informal service offering wine, cheese, and meats. I love live music and Miami seems to be lacking hot spots with daily performances (and now even less with the closure of Van Dyke’s on Lincoln). The live music here is always pretty great but the only place you can enjoy it is in their tiny cramped front room. The front room is decorated with ‘found’ furniture. Bare concrete walls add to the minimalism. Guests choose their wine and beer from the bottles lined up from the wall and take them to the bar where the cashier will open your bottle and provide you with glasses. Since it is ‘help yourself’ service is minimal here. The refrigerators nestled amongst the bottles have cheese and salamis to make an impromptu charcuterie board for you and your friends. The cashier will give you a plate and instruct you to go outside to the right where the cheese is plated with freshly toasted bread, olives, and some delicious jellies. I believe they also sell proteins off the grill and sandwiches, but I have only enjoyed cheese and prosciutto or  dark chocolate and a syrah.

Lagniappe Patio

If you are coming on a Thursday through Saturday night you can count on this spot teeming with large groups, couples, families, the wino, or the avid music listener. Finding a table in the back can be difficult here at times, but I haven’t been in a bit so maybe their business has slowed down. I like to sit in the front little room the best and snag a seat right next to the loud music. I like to be up close and personal. I don’t mind small spaces either.

Lagniappe’s has a lot of room for improvement. I’ve had a great time on days where it wasn’t so packed- and was a little annoyed on days where it was bursting at the seams. On the busy night it would have been nice to have had someone bus the sprawling sea of outdoor tables and chairs littered with glassware, bottles, and dirty plates.

Foxen for $47

On my most recent visit, I bought several cheeses and meats, but when I asked for extra bread I didn’t get any- just the same amount you get with a cheese. I’m pretty sure the bottle I bought was also corked, the cork seemed to be molded over but the cashier tossed out quickly before I got a look. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve had great times here- but this place could seriously be a gem with some improvements. Might I suggest putting outdoors playing the live music from the inside?




Lagniappe House

3425 NE 2nd Ave • Miami, FL• 33137 • (305) 576-0108

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