Latin Burger & Taco: Coral Gables

My boyfriend has been raving about Latin Burger & Taco on Miracle Mile in my neighborhood, and he finally took me to try their burgers. The bright electric pink interior has prints of celebs like Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe eating burgers on the walls. Latin Burger & Taco originally started out as a food truck and in a way the design of their open kitchen resembles a food truck still. I had the machito burger and let me tell you- it was crazy delicious! The bun was steamed super soft à la Shake Shack and the burger patty was a delicious combination of beef and chorizo with faint hints of chili and cumin.

                Latin Burger Dining Room- Miami New Times            Latin Burger Food Truck

I argued that my boyfriend loved it so much because the patty in essence tasted like taco beef- even the subtle smokey seasoning added to that taco-like quality. The patty was topped with what seemed like white American cheese, sweet caramelized onions, and the bun had a light pimiento mayo. It was juicy and irresistible!  I would def come back here. I give this place 4 stars simply because the service was well-  meh, but the burger tasted SO good I won’t nitpick.

best seasoning ever

omggg- wow- I didn’t even mention the fries…the ADOBE (or adobo?) seasoned fries that blew my mind! The fries look like they will be crazy salty, but the seasoning is very subtle and adds ‘oomph’ to the fries. We tried to analyze its contents we decided it contains: dried garlic, parsley, sugar, paprika, chili powder, and who knows what else. They were seriously crispy and seasoned to perfection. The cashier accidentally gave my boyfriend a smaller burger than he ordered so they gave him another burger to go! I was  impressed to say the least. Nom, nom, nom…

Latin Burger & Taco 

232 Miracle Mile • Coral Gables, FL • 33134 • (305) 917-5963